ZSP in Career Share-cum-Award Distribution vaiguon nei

13524400_1212859605400576_3424834726555761570_nLamka, June 25: ZSP Career Share-cum-Award Distribution 2016 program tu zingmawng nai 10:30 in Zogal Memorial Hall Complex, Zoveng ah um a, Chief Guest in Lunminthang Haokip, IAS, DC/CCpur, Functional President in Chinlunthang, President, UZO/GHQ leh Guest of Honour in (i) M. Lawrance Kapkhenmang, MPS, (ii) M. Thangsuansang Zou, (iii) M. Khamsuanhang Zou leh P. Tongkholian Zou pang uhi.

Program ahileh session 2 in kikhen a, 1st session hun ah Panelist mi 3: M. Lawrence Kapkhenmang, M. Thangsuansang Zou leh M. Khamsuanhang Zou lamkai Class 10 & 10+2 pass students te’n “The First Two Hours Career Share” program zang ua, tualeh 2nd session hun ah Lunminthang Haokip, IAS, DC/CCpur panna in Guest leh VIPs te’n Award Distribution program zang uhi.
Award distribution program hun ah Chief Guest in Science Stream a career hoitah bawl thei ahibang in Arts Stream leh vocational training te ah zong career bawl thei ahidan gen hi.
Aman agenzelna mi tengteng in civil service a mit suon bang a khosung, vengsung leh gamsung khantouna ding a trade leh course tuomtuom te zong mitsuon ding chi’n adeisah thu gen hi.
Tualeh Functional President sih-leh-tang a hing kalsuon John Hauliankhup, Information Secy. UZO/GHQ in damsung a students kizang theilou ahina ah tuni’a peikhawm ZSP member te’n students hinkhuo tomnou khat a man sung/anei sung ua theitawp suo a career bawl ding chi’n adeisah thu gen hi.
Rev. Tualzachin, Sr. Executive Secy. ZPCS in 10 & 10+2 pass students leh MPSC & UPSC conduct na nuoi a lawchina ngate ding a thumsah na anei masang in Functiona President in BSEM nuoi a HSLC exam a lawchinna sangtah nga Vungdeiniang d/o T. Thangsuanlal, Don Bosco High School, CCpur kung ah (L) Thangkhanlal Meritorious Award (over all topper in class x), (L) Tongzapau Memorial Award (highest mark in class-x maths) leh (L) Rev. Doupu Memorial Award (highest mark in MIL (Zou) award pekhie hi.
Niangdeikim d/o T. Goukhomang, Don Bosco School in (L) Tongzapau Memorial Award (highest mark in class-x maths),
Marina Chingneinuam d/o Marcus Mangkhankhai, Herbert School in (L) Thangkhenkhup Meritorious Award (overall topper class-XII (science), leh (L) Suohzahau Meritorious Award (overall topper class-XII),
Lalmuankhup Zou s/o Kapginthang of Ebenerzar Academy in (L) David K. Samte Meritoriou Award (highest mark in Arts Stream) leh Ka Pu Saipu Memorial Award (highest mark in class XII MIL (Zou),
P. Hangminlun Zou s/o P. Daiminthang Zou, JNV, Mawphlang, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya in (L) Jem Douzakham Tungnung Meritorous Award (overall toppter in class X, CBSE),
Olivia Lhingneiniang d/o Michael Ginzasuan, St Paul’s Institute in (L) Chinniang Meritorious Award (Overall toppter in class XII, CBSE) award sang uhi.



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