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Zogal Memorial Hall Complex inauguration report

“Deep in my heart i cried on a day after the inauguration of Zogal Memorial Hall Complex where several Ministers and VVIPs from Manipur graced the function. Because it have no place in a regional newspapers. Where are the news reporter from Churachandpur town … Continue reading

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Zogal Hall Memorial Complex honna vaiguon

INAUGURATION FUNCTION OF ZOGAL MEMORIAL HALL COMPLEX : Your kind presence and participation at the Inaugural Function of Zogal Memorial Hall Complex (Main Hall, UZO General Headquarters Office and UZO Conference Hall) at Zoveng on April 16, 2011 is highly solicited. Pu K. Ranjit Singh, Hon’ble … Continue reading

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MELC & ZYO in Suunna Vaiguon Nei

New Delhi, April 7, 2011: Pu Khuplianlam Tungnung pienna Nu Ginzachiin in April 6 ni’a akhuo uh T. Khajang a a’ng muolliam san zieh in MELC Delhi leh ZYO Delhi in ana ki bawl ngei bang, lusuunna tuoh innsung mite suunpina leh sietvena vaiguon April 7 nitah nai 7 in ateenna inn uh Malviya Nagar ah vaiguon kinei  hi. Tuanah MELC Delhi in vaiguon siem in UZO leh ZYO te’n zong thugenna nei uhi. Tua hun ah MELC Chairman Pu T. … Continue reading

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Zokuomthawn | March 27, 2011 Issue

-Stephen P. Doukhanlun IDES As we are celebrating the occasion of the Zogal Day for the first time in Delhi, the above saying comes to my mind and makes reflect on the inheritance our forefather has bequeath to us and the legacy we … Continue reading

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Waka Waka – Mission Singngat Assembly Constituency!

~ T. Zamlunmang Zou “Tuozieh in mimaw bang hilou in, mipilte dan in nahindan uah pilvang ta un, Tulai nite ahoilou jieh in nahun lemtang neisunte nou kiman hoi ta un. Tuozieh in mawlawm sih unlen …………” ~ Ephesa 5:15 Tenth Manipur Assembly kiteel hun hing naita, a hui in Zodawn lang hing jaap kha panpan ta ahi ding, thu-le-la chi tuom tuom jah in ahing um kia panta hi. Tu … Continue reading

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