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Zogal Hall Memorial Complex honna vaiguon

INAUGURATION FUNCTION OF ZOGAL MEMORIAL HALL COMPLEX : Your kind presence and participation at the Inaugural Function of Zogal Memorial Hall Complex (Main Hall, UZO General Headquarters Office and UZO Conference Hall) at Zoveng on April 16, 2011 is highly solicited. Pu K. Ranjit Singh, Hon’ble … Continue reading

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Ka jan mang, mang ki dang sim khat

~ T. Zamlunmang Zou Kum leh kum kilutuo a mang ki chi nei ngei khollou pa’n March 28, 2011 jan in mang khat kana nei kawi tiem tuom hi. Ka khahlaw in ka thei phiel phuol nalai a, tam pen … Continue reading

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Interaction with Zomi Leaders in Delhi – Report

DELHI ZOMIS’ INTERACTION WITH ZOMI LEADERS REPORT  Venue: Arunachal Bhavan, Kautaliya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021DATE & Date: March 28, 2011 | Time : 06.30PM-11.00PM  December 16, 2010 ni’a Union Home Minister Pu Chidambaram kunga Indian Constitution Article … Continue reading

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ZYO GHQ in Unit 5 honthana nei

Lamka, March 28, 2011: ZYO GHQ IN ZYO in masawnzel in khangthu a ding a chiemte theikhop ding leh Date 27th March, 2011 (Sunday) ni zinglam nai 9:00AM in Zou Youth Organisation Gen. Hqtr. leh Lamka Block a lamkai te agawm in mi 10 te’n ZYO GHQ. 2nd Executive Committee Resolution No. 5, dated 28-01-2011 … Continue reading

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Invitation to Zou Gal Day Observation at Delhi and Lamka khopi

The Zou Tribe Anti-colonial Resistance known as Zou Gal (1917-19) in local parlance memorial day was observed every year by the Zou tribe in India. This year Zou Gal Day observation will be held in Manipur at Zou Gal Hall, … Continue reading

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