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UZO Ghq in Lentang Block vena nei

Lamka, July 6: United Zou Organisation (UZO) General Headquarter in UZO Block 14 umte vena sunzom zel in tuni’n UZO Lentang Block vena zinglam nai 11:00 in Daijang Community Hall ah nei uhi. Tami vaiguon ah Lentang block apat khuo … Continue reading

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UZO apat no objection ki la masa a nna kisem ahi ~ Adviser ZRO

Delhi, March 30, 2011: December 16, 2010 ni’a Union Home Minister Pu Chidambaram kunga Indian Constitution Article 224 A tungtawn a Autonomous Tribal State (ATS) ngetna memorandum ana submit uh del jui in Manipur apat Zomi lamkai Pu LB Sona – Chairman Zomi Council, Pu L. Khamliankhup – Gen. Secretary Zomi Council, … Continue reading

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Zou Dilemma! Where do we go from here?

~ Hausienmuan Munluo It has always been a hard task trying to explain our tribe “ZOU” socio-politic and economic dynamics to outsiders. Given it small size in terms of area of Zou habitated and population and its insignificance in terms … Continue reading

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The Zou Tribe Celebrate Zogal Day and Zoton Festivals

Lamka, March 19, 2010: The Zou, one of the recognised scheduled tribes under the constitution of India under the aegis of United Zou Organisation  celebrated the Zogal (Zo War – 1917-1919) Day and Zouton (Zou festivity) on the 17th of March 2010 … Continue reading

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UZO Delhi Appeal Letter | Zogal Memorial Hall

Office of the UNITED ZOU ORGANISATION, DELHI UNIT 48, Delhi Govt. Officers Flats, Near A-48 Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi NGETNA (APPEAL) December 19, 2009 ni’a UZO Delhi Unit meeting masa kineina ah Zogal Memorial Complex Hall Project toh … Continue reading

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