Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi or Zou Students’ Association is the student welfare organization of the Zou/Zo community, operating in India and abroad, wherever its members live. Initially, it was established broadly as a “Zomi Student’s Welfare Association” (Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi), covering all the decendants of our progenitor – Pu Zo (i.e. Zo/Zou, Paite, Hmar, Lushai, Gangte, Vaiphei, Kom, Simte, Thadou etc.) who were interested in becoming members of the association. However, at present it has become only for the Zo/Zou Community as “The Zo/Zou Students’ Association”, mainly because of the Devide & Rule Policy of the government in particular and our ignorance in general, but it is not limited to the needs and well being of the Zo/Zou Students. The Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi was formed on the principle of philanthropy and volunteerism. The ZSP has its General Headquarters at Zomi Colony, Lamka, PO Churachandpur, Manipur State, India. ZSPD is one of the branches, which was established in 1982.

The word SANGNAUPANG literally means a student or any learner learning in School, College and University in pursuit of education in different fields of studies. But in a wider scope, the term is used to cover people from all walks of life so much so that it includes all people young and old, students and non-students, who take active part in the service of Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi. So it has become a life-long service.

The Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi, Delhi Branch conducts its general election in the month of September or October each year. However, it has decided to conduct its General Election after every two consecutive year from 2008 following calendear year.

ZSPDB regularly conducted its Annual Get-Together cum Freshers’ Meet every year.


Singngat Community Hall a UZO 52nd General Assembly Resolution No. 1, dated April 3, 2007, UZO in ZSP Ghqtrs. a theisahna abawl Resolution No. 1, dated 19 May, 2007 leh ZSP Ghqtrs. letter to ZSP Delhi Branch dated February 3, 2007 dung zuui in Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi pen August 15, 2007 (Wednesday, Indian Independence Day) ni’n Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi chia heng ahita hi.


1992 – 2007
Fifteen Years of Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi in the NCR of Delhi

ZSP Delhi Branch kum 15 chinna a thusim tomkim giela ka pankha hamphat huoi kasa tungtuong hi. Tuoleh Delhi khopi a na um masa, ZSP phukhietna di’a gim-le-tawl khaw salou leh machieng khankhuo diing khuolna a pan anala, lamkaite zataatna salaam kapieh a, nuomthu i tun uhi.

Delhi a family toh um masa pen, Pu S. K. Mung ahileh Beulahlane a um Pu Benhur K. Israel tapa ahi. Ama ahileh May 1989 in Delhi khopi ah Ministry of Defence nuoi a clerk tung hi. Pu S. K. Mung, Delhi khopi sunga Zo innkuon a ana teeng masa pen in tam bang in ZSP ana kipat dan gen hi. “1980 laivel in Delhi khopi ah Zo sangnaupang khutzung hiekham bep ana um uhi. Sangnaupang hing tung zeel in kum 1992 in ZSP phukhiet poimaw sahna michin in a’ng neita uhi. Tuachi’n September 15, 1992 ni’n Pa S. K. Mung Inn, C-115, Panchvati, Vikaspuri ah Zo um teng, mi 25 vel, Khamchinpau, Haukhanpau, Langkhanthang, Dodou leh Pa S. David te lamkai in ZSP phu diing thu genkhawm ua, atamzawte phasahna bang in tuoni mama in ZSPDB ana phut kheta uhi.”

ZSP Delhi Branch Freshers’ Meet masa pen ahileh September 25, 1992 ni’n Pa SK Mung tenna inn ah Delhi a Zo um tengteng a unpia 25 tah phate’n noptah in ana nei uhi. Tuamabang in kum 1992 apat 1994 tan Pa SK Mung inn ah Freshers’ Meet nei hi a, hinanleh kum 1995 apat in Community Hall vel ah Freshers’ Meet ana zangta uhi.

Akiphu kum in Executive body ana nei sih ua, hinanleh Pu K. Zou in all-in-all in vai ana hawm hi. Kitelpina ahileh 1993 apat in ana nei ua, tam anei-ate tel ching in um uhi.


President  : Chinlunthang
General Secretary  :  Haukhanpau


Presaident     : M. Lunminthang
Secretary     : M. Chinlunthang


President     : M. Chinlunthang
V/President     : M. Lunminthang
Gen. Secy.     :     Jamkholien Munluo
Fin/Treasurer     : Mary Grace Siasian
Infn. Secy.     : North- M. Kamminthang
South  Chinlienlal
West- haulienkap

Tam kum in ZSP Membership fees tamn bang in ana bikhieh uhi. Class VII above Rs- 50/ leh Single employee/Piching  Rs- 20/ in ana bawl uhi, (ii) Cultural Dress neiding in phasah ahi ta hi.


President     :     Jamkholien
V/ President       :          Ginlunlal Tungnung
Gen. Secy.     : S.Haulienkap
Jt. Secy.               :   T. Robert Paukhanthang
Fin/treasurer     :  Niengneichin
Infn. Secy.     : North- Kapzalam
South- Khamkhanchin
West- Khupminlun

01. ZSP DELHI bye-law leh Constitution Drafting Committee a nuoi a bangin guotna ana nei uhi. Philip Thanglienmang, P. Hauminthang leh M. Chinlunthang. 02. ZSP(D) in ZCF(D) Labu sut na’ng a’ng ngetna uah, ZSP(D) in zong dangka Rs. 600/- in a na panpi ta hi. 03. Cultural Project Committee te’n Uniform Numei puona (cultural dress) giet (8) leh Zo nii (Skirt) giet khui jou a hi ta hi. Pasal dress jong giet ma khuijou ahi kie ta hi. Tam ahileh Nu Nem, Jaroda in tawmngaina toh ana khuipieh hi. 04. Felicitation Programme Pu. Philip Thanglianmang in SDM a muna tungah, kipapina vaiguon  leh annkuong luina  aki nei pi hi.


President     :  Lunminthang
V/President     : Kamminthang
Gen. Secy.     :            Joshua Munghaulal
Fin/Treasurer     :        Kapzalam
Infn. Secy.     : North -T. Khupginsuan
West – Lunmang
South – Sonbawi

01. ZSP(D) in Constititutin dan dungjui in Advisor thum (3) nei di’a phasah ahi ta hi.
02. ZSP H/Q te’n stickers a bawl uh, ZSP(D) Branch te’n phatuom ngaitah in ki juapi ta hi.
03. Cultural Dress uniform a ching nai lou jie in thum (3) tuoh khui na ki nei be hi.
04. ZCF(D) Labu ZSP President (Lunminthang) leh ZCLS Chaiman (Philip) te’n aki printout ma sang in proof reading ana neipi uhi.
05. Itna Annkuon lui in om a, Sakhi-lukhu leina diing in mi phabep in sum tuo uhi


President     : T. Robert
V/President     : Thanglienhau
Gen. Secy     : Langneilal (Lalpi)
Jt. Secy     ; Ignitius T. Khakhai
Fin/Treasurer     : Chinneinieng
Cultural Secy     :        Kapzalam
Game & Sports   : Khupginsang
Infn. Secy.     : North – Doulianlal
West – Khupmimlun
Central – Hauneithang
South – Boboi ou

01. ZSP Delhi Cultural Troupe in KUT 1st Nov.98 ah, Zou laam showna va ki nei hi.
02.   Condolence: Delhi ZSP member te’n sihna a tuoh kha jen jen le zou puondum (Traditional Shawl) a gaalding, tuale Outsider te’n vangsietna Delhi a angtuo kha le Rs-100 a gaalding ahi chi’n thutanna ana bawl uhi.
03. ZSP Delhi in Calender ana bawl uhi.


President     : S. Hauliankap
V/President     :        Kapzalam
Gen. Secy.     : David Vumlallian
Jt. Secy.     : Khammuanthang
Finance     :          Dimvung
Treasurer     :  Nuamzavung
Cultural     : Thanglunmang
G & Sports         :        Robert Jr.
Bliss Mate
Education     :    Laangneilal
Census Sec.     :   Chinzakham
Goineilam      Khamkhanchin
M & R Secy     : Kamminthang
Infn. Secy.     : North- Mary Grace Zou
South – Lunminthang
West – Minlun
Central – Vungboi
South East – Boboi
South West – Khamkhanchin.

01. ZSP Delhi in Agra tour 3th December 1999 ni’n Study Tour ana pei ta uhi.

02.        Pastor Langkhanthang in USA ah kum nga sung umthei na Visa amu in lungdampina vaiguon nei pi in um hi.


President     : Thanglunmang
V/President     :          Johnkap
Gen. Secy.     : Thanglianhau
Jt. Secy.                     :    Laangneilal
F/Treasurer     :  Bliss Jamkhanching
Ex-Officio     : Kapzalam & David Lalpi

Departmental Secretaries

Game & Sports  – Hauminlun & Gnlianmang
Music                    : Lianminlun & Jimmy Zou
Cultural                : Chiinneilam & John Kap
Education     : Deiboi & Irene
M & R Secy.     : David Chinsuanliankap & Nuamhoikim
Infn. Secy.     :    Mangkholun
North : Chinlunmang
South : Lianminlun & Ginlianmang
West : Khupminlun
Centre : Mrs. Vungneiching
Delhi Cantt. : Pa. Mangchinkhup
Dev. & Sport.     : Philip. Thanglianmang
Adviser     : Doulianmang


President     : Davidpi Zou
Vice President    :         John Kap
G/Secretary     : M. Mangkholun
Jt. Secy                :  S. Khammuanthang
Fin. Treasurer     : Jeneth Chingboi
Asst. Finance     :     Ngaineilam
Infn. Secy.     : North : David Kap,
South : Zamlianmang
Cultural                : Khupminlun & Irene Lhinghoikim
Census                : Thanglunmang
Adviser                 : Doulianmang Tungnung.

Mosaic of cultural 2002 ah ZSP Delhi in Cultural Dance show va nei hi. Tam teng khu ZSP akiphu apat tuni tan a chiemte khawm umte ahi hi. ZSP akiphu apat gim umtah a ma hing na puiliehte.

Tenure      President                Secretary


1992-1993 : Khamchinpau
1993-1994 : Chinlunthang  – H. Haukhanpau
1994-1995 : Lunminthang  – M. Chinlunthang
1995-1996 : Chinlunthang  – Jamkholien
1996-1997 : Jamkholien  – S. Haulienkap
1997-1998 : Lunminthang  – S. MAnghaulien
1998-1999 : T. Paukhanthang  – Laangneilal
1999-2000 : S. Haulienkap  – Vumlalian
2000-2001 : Thanglunmang  – T. Thanglianhau
2001-2002 : Vumlallian  – M. Mangkholun
2002-2003 : John T. Chinlienkap – Paulienhang
2003-2004 : Lunminthang  – Zamlienmang Samte
2004-2005 : S. Thangsuonmung – Chinliensiem
2005-2006 : Lalmuonlien  – T. Zamlunmang Zou
2006-2007 : T. Paulienthang Zou  – M. Soilienmang Zou


2007-2009 : Mangkholun  – Ginsanglian Samte
2009-2011 : Khaibiahlian – Zuanneithang